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Welcome to the New Economy

What if you had the opportunity to set your own hours, impact thousands of lives, experience exponential personal growth and earn money even when you’re not “working?” You’d take it, right? If you’re a go-getter who wants to get to your destination faster (think: dream car/vacation, first home, debt-free, retire your spouse, etc.), than you should be looking into a home-based, network marketing business.

Advantages over gig work or a traditional second job:

- Low start-up costs. According to the Direct Selling Association, the average cost to start is $82.50. Compare that to $500-$1,000 to get into real estate.*

- No experience necessary. You just have to be coachable and really want it.

- Big market. Direct selling in the U.S. represented $35.4 billion in retail sales in 2018.*

- In business for yourself but not by yourself. Meaning you have business, marketing and technology support behind you.

- Products at a discount

- Long-term residual income. Bingo!


In today’s e-commerce and digital markets it’s never been easier to run a business in the palm of your hands and in the pockets of your time.


Finding the right opportunity

Stress, fatigue, obesity and anxiety are just some of the effects of our Always On society. So much so that health and wellness has become a major blip on everyone’s radar. Who doesn’t know someone who wants more energy, better focus, to lose a few pounds or make a little money on the side? According to the Direct Selling Association, wellness was the largest category with 35.6% of the product sales.

Finding the right company

When researching a home-based business opportunity make sure to look for a company that is relevant in the marketplace, utilizes digital and social sharing technology and aligns with your values. These characteristics are important because they make sure your message to your new customers aligns with who you are, and sets you up for long term success.

Cloud 9 Life is home to high-performance lifestyle products and a business platform that has the power to positively transform the world around you. Cloud 9 Life has created cutting edge and industry trend setting tools to help grow a business along with a commitment to making change in local communities where their products are sold. When you purchase Cloud 9 Life products and share the story, you become part of something bigger than a brand, you are part of a movement to make everyday purchases serve a larger purpose. Cloud 9 Life donates 3% of the proceeds from customer purchases to causes that benefit local communities.

Technology and Tools

Even though you are in business for yourself, you should never be in business by yourself. Look for a company that offers training, resources and tools that will set your business up for success from the very start. With the Cloud 9 Life app you will be able to share products, order products and grow the business socially and on-line – right from your phone.

A business with Cloud 9 Life is a business with purpose. Where the only way to get ahead is by helping others gain their health and financial freedom. Float on over to Cloud9Life.com and discover a better version of you.

*(Source: Direct Selling Association, DSA 2019 Growth & Outlook Report)

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