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Gut-brain axis and immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity

What’s the connection between immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity?          

Your brain and your gut are in constant communication, telling each other things like, “Hey, stop eating. You’re full” or “Hey, I’m not feeling well.” This trading of information is called the gut-brain connection and it’s one of the most important relationships in your body. And when this connection gets cut, your gut microbiome and immune system can’t work the way they’re supposed to in order to protect you from everything your body gets exposed to on a daily basis. Scientists are just now scratching the surface of this complex relationship as it relates to immune health, anxiety, depression, and obesity.

Think of it like this: Right now, there are 500 species and 3 pounds of bacteria swimming around in your gut. And they can either help to keep you safe from sickness (when fed correctly) or leave you at your most vulnerable (when fed incorrectly). Unfortunately, the second scenario is the most common case in today’s ALWAYS-ON culture. And as it turns out, loads of research shows a healthy gut biome is your most powerful ally when it comes to staying healthy. And not just that – you’ll also handle stress better… sleep better… manage your weight, enjoy more positive moods and experience much higher immune and energy levels.

The key to keeping your gut-brain connection harmonious is to keep the trillions of bacteria in the gut microbiome balanced and in-check. What you want to shoot for is a high diversity and percentage of “good” bacteria. Many of us are out of balance because we’re fueling busy lives with high-fat, high-sugar, low-fiber meals and stress. Chronic stress or trauma not only reduces the gut’s protective barrier and beneficial bacteria, it also tells the gut to reinforce the brain’s negative emotional state.

Why your gut is your body’s best friend

Your gut is home to 70% of the cells that make up your immune system – meaning it’s your single most powerful ‘defense center’ keeping you safe from illness, allergies and much more.  If you want to avoid feeling sick, slow and sluggish and instead feel like you’re on top of the world – then look no further than your gut.

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your health and cognitive function 

One final thought… Your gut microbiome is unique to you and it’s based on your age, diet, environment, genes and medications. Here’s the key: You’ve got to feed the “good” bacteria and keep the “bad” bacteria from taking over. A good place to start is controlling stress, getting plenty of sleep, eating nutritious foods and taking dietary supplements that flood your gut with pre- and probiotics.

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