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Giving by Getting

How cool would it be to give every time you get something? Well, that’s the simple and impactful mission behind Cloud 9 LIfe’s Purchase to Purpose program. Every time you shop our world class wellness products, you donate 3% of proceeds to a local charity of your choice. It’s really that simple.


But Purchase to Purpose™ is so much more than donating to your favorite causes. Think of yourself as part of a movement of happy, passionate people who care about health, wellness and making spreading good in the world. With this unique program, you will be partnering and investing in charitable organizations that are making a difference. We are proud to say we personally identify, vet and select our non-profit partners. And all organizations share three powerful qualities: represent the passions of our customers, deliver an impactful and sustainable program or project, and address a burning issue in a community where Cloud 9 Life has a strong presence.


“If you have ever purchased Cloud 9 Lifeproducts, or even told our story, you're part of something bigger than a brand. You're part of a movement that makes everyday purchases serve a larger purpose. Come be a part of our movement and making the world a better place.”

Chet Seely, President and Co-Founder

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you also gave with that exciting Cloud 9 purchase? Happy shopping!

Visit to learn more about our amazing products, a personal financial opportunity and your opportunity to give back and make a tangible difference on the world’s toughest challenges on a local level.

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