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Get Up With Greens

You had a doughnut in the car for breakfast, a microwave lunch at your desk, and dinner in the drive-thru on the way home from the million errands you had to do on the way home from work. And you wonder why you’re not feeling so great most of the time. When we starve our bodies of key vitamins and minerals, it won’t work the way it should.

If fatigue is weighing you down, fill up your energy reserves with Great Greens. This other green superhero is a convenient way to get dozens of nutrient-dense foods in one single serving powder. Great Greens is a potent blend of leafy greens, Cordyceps mushrooms, superfoods, vital phytonutrients and healthy probiotic fiber. Besides lasting energy benefits, Great Greens also helps alkalize the body, calm heartburn, manage inflammation, and support a healthy response to allergens. What are you waiting for? Don’t go down, go green!


Buh-Bye, Burnout

When’s the last time you ran on all cylinders? Work, family, never-ending to-do lists, dinner out of a box or drive-thru . . .  It’s go, go, go when Mr. Always On is in the driver’s seat and your next stop could be burnout. When you need to refill your tank, reach for the Increase Energy and Immune Support Repair Bundle. This is whole-body hydration, electrolyte restoration, and vital energy boost to propel you through those afternoon slumps.

- Alkalize and energize

- Helps protect cells from oxidation

- Whole-body hydration

- Provides vital energy boost

- Increase thermogenic activity

Great Greens is the convenient way to get dozens of nutrient-dense foods in a single serving. Great Greens vitalizes the entire body with a unique blend of invigorating Cordyceps mushrooms, powerfoods such as spirulina and chlorella, vital phyoto-nutrients and healthy probiotic fiber. Go green and get energized!

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