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Fuel Your Focus

Are you unfocused, moody and just plain tired? It’s probably time to put down that caffeinated pick-me-up and start looking in your gut. Your microbiome (basically the good and bad bacteria living in your gut) is mission control for everything from nutrient absorption, mood regulation, weight control and how well you can concentrate and focus throughout the day. So how can you keep your gut happy and healthy?

A good place to start is controlling stress, getting plenty of sleep, ingesting foods and supplements that flood your gut with pre- and probiotics, and incorporating Cloud 9 Life’s Focus Fix and the Improve Focus Repair Bundle into your daily routine.

Focus Fix sharpens your attention and clarity with natural nootropics (or cognitive enhancers) that deliver key nutrients and produce an energized alertness. Focus Fix supports good blood circulation to the brain and helps deliver the key nutrients your body and brain need to aid with additional energy, mood, focus and clear thinking.

If you’re looking for a systematic approach, try the Improve Focus Repair Bundle to keep your cognition and memory functions sharp—all while managing your stress and ensuring adequate hydration. The Improve Focus Repair Bundle contains one each of Focus Fix and Quench, the energy and intensity maximizer. Cloud 9 Life created Quench to hydrate cells and replace electrolytes lost through sweat—something water alone can’t provide. It also maximizes performance by restoring energy levels so you can get back in the zone at the office and the gym. These two products offer a combination like no other—are you ready to fuel your mind and body?

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