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Figuring out your nagging trouble spots

If you can’t remember the last time you felt amazing, maybe it’s time to listen to your gut. There’s trillions of busy little bacteria working in your gut and they decide whether you’ll be energized or fatigued, happy or sad, focused or brain fogged. What’s important to remember is when the balance of good and bad bacteria gets out of whack, so do you. Sometimes all it takes is one month and a simple reset with Cloud 9 Life's 3-in-30 System to make your body great again.

Once you’ve reset and restored your gut’s microbiome with the 3-in-30, it’s time to figure out your nagging trouble spots. Looking to increase energy and the immune system? Improve focus? Weight control. We got you with our three targeted Repair Bundles.

Get Your Head Back in the Game

Your brain is only about 2% of your body weight but it consumes roughly 20% of your body’s energy. That’s a whole lot of nutrition needed to stay alert and focused. Get it with the Improve Focus Repair Bundle. This bundle combines Focus Fix and Quench which work together to pump your brain with the nutrients it needs to keep energy levels up so you get maximum performance out of the day.

- Whole-body hydration

- Provide a vital energy boost

- Support healthy mood

- Manage anxiousness and stress

Buh-Bye, Burnout

When’s the last time you ran on all cylinders? Work, family, never-ending to-do lists, dinner out of a box or drive-thru . . .  It’s go, go, go when Mr. Always On is in the driver’s seat and your next stop could be burnout. When you need to refill your tank, reach for the Increase Energy and Immune Support Repair Bundle. This is whole-body hydration, vital energy boost and immune system builder is here to propel you through those afternoon slumps.

- Alkalize the body and support the immune system

- Helps protect cells from oxidation

- Whole-body hydration

- Provides vital energy boost

- Increase thermogenic activity

Get Your Burn On

If you’re looking to shed some stubborn LBs, reach for the Weight Control Repair Bundle . Secret Weapon and Mission Control will fuel inject your fat burners with a smile and help you break through bad habits or stubborn plateaus. This power-slimming bundle helps support your body’s natural ability to:

- Maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range

- Support metabolic activity

- Maintain insulin sensitivity

- Reduce fat storage and fatigue

- Fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress

Float on over to Cloud 9 Life and Make Your Body Great Again!

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