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Cloud 9 Life selects 3 new social impact organizations for Purchase to Purpose

Cloud 9 Life selects 3 new social impact organizations for Purchase to Purpose

Nutritional wellness is what we do at Cloud 9 Life, but what we’re most proud of is giving back. Social impact is built into the DNA of the company and it’s not only part of our culture, it’s part of the way we conduct o...

Gut-brain axis and immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity

What’s the connection between immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity?          

Your brain and your gut are in constant communication, telling each other things like, “Hey, stop eating. You’re full” or “Hey, I’m not feeling well.” This trading of information is called the gut-brain connec...

Welcome to the New Economy

What if you had the opportunity to set your own hours, impact thousands of lives, experience exponential personal growth and earn money even when you’re not “working?” You’d take it, right? If you’re a go-getter who wants to get to your destination faster (think: dream car/vacation, first home, de...

Fuel Your Focus

Are you unfocused, moody and just plain tired? It’s probably time to put down that caffeinated pick-me-up and start looking in your gut. Your microbiome (basically the good and bad bacteria living in your gut) is mission control for everything from nutrient absorption, mood regulation, weight cont...